Affiliate program

If you have site with over 2000 visits a day (or over 1000 if the site is for fun or games) and you wish to provide additional income write to .
To be our partner is necessary:

1). To add the information about the game, on a accessible web page on your site, as well as link for download that we will give to you (private for your site).

2). To select one of the 3 methods of reimbursement:

-2.1. 50 % of registration payments made by the users brought from your web site.
-2.2. By an unique registered user * (0.35 $. per registration).
-2.3. By click (0.02 $ per unique visitor, not more than 0.40 $ for registered user *).

After approval to participate in our partner program we will give you link for access to detailed statistic in real time for registered users and earned money.

* Registered user: This is user, who is registered and logged in /entered/ once at least.

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