The game originates from China since XIV century. The game is simple, entertaining and can be played by everyone regardless of the age and experience.

The Tiles (Bones)

Favorite Games support a game of Dominoes with one double six; there are 28 tiles in each set. All tiles have two ends, numbered from 0 to 6. There is always only one from each combination, as well as a domino with one double nine, there are 55 tiles in each set (from 0 to 9).There is option for choosing between two players game, and four players game.

The Game

Each player starts with 6 tiles. All the rest, undealed are a Bank. The player can draw from the Bank if the player has got no tiles in the hands to play with. At the start of the game Dominoes, the player with the highest double is to lead. Each player makes a move as placing a tile onto the board. The tiles can be put only to corresponding tile. For example if a player leads with 4:1, the second player must play with a tile which has 4 or 1 on one of its sides. If the player has got no tiles to play with, she or he must draw one tile from the Bank, then next player is on turn. If there are no tiles left in the Bank and the player cannot play, then the player must forfeit the turn.

End of the Game

The game ends when one of the players earns 7 scores (a score is given for each won deal). When a player or a team gains 50, 100, 250 or 500 scores the game ends and the player or the team that has gained these scores wins.