Monopoly is the most popular home board game



In Monopoly four players are playing for a full control over some definite area of the gaming field. The players are competing in gaining of profit through fictional economic activity, including buying, renting and demising of properties, using virtual moneys, while throwing dice and moving on the gaming field. The game has been named of the economical idea for monopole - gaining of a full control over some market from a single man.


The game "Monopoly" has been created by the American Charles Darrow in 1935. He has been surprised by the success of the game, first in America and then in the rest of the world.
In this period the life in America were tough because of the Big depression. Then Charles Darrow loses his job and he had to wash dishes to support his own family. He was thinking about his careless summers in Atlantic City, New Jersey. After the pleasant memories for his previous life, in the head of Charles became true the idea for Monopoly, which is now favorite game of the people from the whole life. One night he took a rectangular cardboard and line some squares, which he named with the Atlantic City streets names. He decided that every one of them could be bought for some definite sum and if the player wants to have some benefits from his property, he can build houses and hotels. Darrow decided that the plots and the buildings could be demised, if the player has no enough cash, and they could be mortgaged as well And with those entire things Charles Darrow created the main rules of the game.
The game quickly turns itself into favorite occupation of the people, who do not have so much money, because while playing, they can feel themselves rich.
The friends of Charles Darrow, who learned how to play Monopoly start asking for a copy for every one of them, so they can play at home and have fun. Until this moment Charles Darrow owns the only game. The enterprising American made few sets, which he started to sell for $4 each one. The interest in Monopoly grew rapidly. With the money, that he earned, he made new sets, which he offers for a sell in the Philadelphia shops. Soon after the game came into the shops, the orders to Darrow grew so much and it was really hard for him to deliver all the orders. Then Charles decides to try to sell the game to the biggest American company for a producing of board games - Parker brothers. The company refuses his offer, as their representatives say that there are 52 main mistakes in the game. Among the mistakes they named - too much play time and the confusing rules, which do not have some definite goal to follow the winner.
Then Charles Darrow continues to make the sets by himself. A friend of him, who work in a printing-press helps with making of some copies. The sales were very good and the orders from the shops grew constantly.
The game attracted and a friend of Sally Burton, a daughter of the founder of Parker Brothers - George Parker. Sally understood about the game and how funny it is. She convinced her husband Robert Burton to buy a copy of Monopoly. When Burton became familiar with the game he invited Charles Darrow into the office of Parker Brothers in New York and offers him to buy the rights for Monopoly and to pay him a commission for every single set, which he is selling from the game. The creator agrees, as it was not possible for him to make and deliver all the orders from the shops all over America. Darrow even agrees with Parker Brothers for some corrections in the rules.
Charles Darrow signs a contract with the company in January, 1935, which is the birth date of the Monopoly, as we know it today.
Month later in the shops came the new board game in black-white-red box. From this moment the man with the moustaches and the cylinder became a symbol of Monopoly and starts to win popularity all over the world. The first 100 000 copies of the game were sold till the end of 1935. The fees, which Charles Darrow receives for the sold copies of Monopoly made him millionaire.

Gaming field

Playing fieldThe Monopoly is game, which you can play in a square field, with streets on it. In some fields are located buildings in different color, in other railway stations (4 totals, one for each side of a square) and other objects with important role for the society. Every object could be bought, sold, rented or mortgaged. In the four corners of the field are situated the special squares: Beginning (down-left), Parking forbidden (up-left), Prison (up-right) and Parking (down-right). There are two fields Chance, Casino and Tax.


The main role in Monopoly is of the Bank. In the beginning the bank gives to every player 2000 levs, and then it collects the money in a property deals, taxes and fines. Besides - the bank gives a salaries and bonuses.


Playing field Every player has his own figure in a respective color. The moves depend on throwing of two dices. In the beginning the figures of every player are situated in the Start square in the down -left corner. The players throw dices and depending on the numbers are moving the figures in the field clockwise.

The Game

When the player steps on a free street (marked next to the field with 0 in black color), he can buy it. After the purchase, the sign next to the field became the same color as the color of the player, who bought the street.


Playing field If one player can buy all the streets in the quarter (one quarter has two or three streets, marked with same color), he can build shops (up to four) or Supermarket. That could be done by the sign + (plus), situated up in right, next to the number 0 in the beginning, with the color of the player, as he pays the price of the streets, as it shown in the information for the street. The number is changing - 1 (for one shop), 2 (for 2 shops), 3 (for 3 shops), 4 (for 4 shops) and 5 (for Supermarket) If the player needs - he can destroy the buildings. That could be done by the sign - (minus) , down-left, next to the number with the color of the player, as the procedure is opposite of the building (as the sum, which the bank is paying is 1/2 from the sum, which the player originally paid for it).

When player steps on a street, owned by other player (the number is in his color), he pays a rent. If the street has some buildings (Shops or Supermarket) the rent is higher.

With mouse click over some definite object it comes up "Info" about it. There is shown the owner of the place (if there is a owner), the price of the place, the price of the building, Current income, which the place gives if other player comes on this object, the basic income of the place, incomes if there is a Trade center (all in one color, but without buildings) and the income with buildings.
If the object is still not bought by any player the info shows only the information above.

If the object is a property of the same player, he can do three more things, with the help of the buttons in the down part.

Button Mortgage - if the player have no money (became minus) or if he have no enough cash to pay rent or tax, or if he just wish, he can mortgage street in the bank (against the half of the original value), as he has the opportunity to repurchased it (with 10% charge)

Button Sell - if the player wants to sell the street instead of mortgage, he can do that by this button.

Button Change - from this button, the player could offer to other player to change this object with other, so he can build. After clicking of a Change, the player should change the object, with which he wants to be replaced (it could be done by the box in the street in which is shown a slider and with its moves left-right, the player can make an offer to the player, who owns the other object. The offer could be sent by the button Done. The other player could accept or refuse the offer.

If the object is other player property from BUY Button the player could make an offer to the owner by the way above.

Fields Luck, Casino and Tax

While playing, players can step on some of the fields Luck, Casino and Tax.

When the player is on one of the two fields Luck, he can take Lucky card and then he has to execute the actions written on it:
  1. You are paying 30 lv. Or you are tacking new luck!
  2. You are making repairs! You are paying 20 lv. for each shop and 90 lv. for each Supermarket.
  3. You are making donation of 100 lv. For a hospital.
  4. You are buying diamond necklace to your girlfriend for 300 lv.
  5. You are losing a poker game with the other players. You are paying 50 lv. to each of them.
  6. You are winning a poker game with other player.
  7. You are making a good bargain! You have increased your capital with 3%.
  8. You are receiving 70 lv, from your uncles will!
  9. You won 100 lv. from the Lotto!
  10. You won 200 lv. Prize for a Businessman of the year.
  11. You have a birthday! Every player gives you a gift of 50 lv.
  12. You are giving a gift to other player for 50 lv.
  13. You are going to sauna for decreasing of your weight! You are receiving Start bonus /100 lv./!
  14. You did miss your stop and you are going to Railway station EAST
  15. You are going to Start (You are receiving 100 lv.)
  16. You have duty to pay. You are going to the jail!
  17. You won a card for going out of the jail.

When player steps on one of the two Casino fields, he is receiving bonuses and he is increasing his capital or he is punished and he is decreasing his capital.
            - The sums could be from -300 to +250 lv.
When player steps on one of the two Tax fields, the player pays to the bank and his capital is decreasing.
            - On the first tax field (up on the board) the player pays 4% tax of his capital.
            - On the second tax field (right on board) the player pays 10% of his cash money.

In the first (left) field are shown all the ready money of the player (the cash).
In the second (right) field is shown the Capital of the player /Cash + the value of all the properties).
In the beginning the capital of the player are only his ready money (2 000 lv.) The capital is always bigger than the ready money or equal (as in the beginning). There are shown those one, which are on the player with the green arrow. At any time when the mouse touches the name of the player, you can see his ready money or capital.

Fields Start, Parking Forbidden, Parking, Prison.

While playing, the player could step on some of the fields Start, Parking Forbidden, Parking, and Prison.

Field Start    Field  Parking Forbidden    Field  Parking     Field  Prison

When the player steps on Start field or just passes through it, he receives 100 lv. Bonus from the bank.
When the player steps on Parking forbidden, he pays 100 lv. to the bank.
When the player steps on Parking, he misses one move.
You can go in the prison if after throwing of the dices you step on this field or if you take this card from Luck.
You can go out of the Prison by the following methods:
  1. With Luck card, which you can use, at any time you want.
  2. With paying of guaranty (100 lv. per move)
  3. With punishment (missing of 1-3 moves).

End of the game

The game will win this player, who became monopolist, which means, that he bought properties enough to ruin his opponents.

Curious facts

  • From the creation of the game in 1935, until our days there are 200 million copies sold of Monopoly.
  • The rules of the game are tanslated on 32 languages, and the sets are for sell in 80 countries.
  • The Monopoly is acknowledged as the most preferable game in the world. Through the years of existing of the game 500 million people touched her magic. That is Guinness record.
  • The biggest Monopoly was build on a board 30 meter wide and almost 24 meter long.
  • The game Monopoly was pronounced for a game of the 20-th century in 2000 year at the Fair of the toys in London.
  • The longest playtime of Monopoly was 1680 hours or 70 days. Of course the competitors had a time to eat and sleep. Despite the long time of playing there was no winner.