Three players can play that game. The number of the cards is 52 and every player has 16 cards, but the last 4 cards form a kitty. The players choose who will play for three, five or eight hands by lot.
- Announcing: The player, who will have to play for eight hands announce the game and the options are as follow: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, No trumps and Pass., as in the next games, the player is not able to repeat anything from the previous dealings. If he decides, that his cards are not good enough for a good result, he can announce Pass and new dealing is giving him an opportunity to announce again. In case if the player announce No trumps, the cards withdrawing become invalid.
- Kitty: After the announcing, the one who is playing for eight hands has a right to change the four cards from the kitty with his own, no matter what color they are. (Usually the best option for the player is to take all the trumps and the most powerful cards from the other colors and to clean his weakest cards).

The player can change the cards as follow: The user marks the card, which he wants to take from the kitty and then clicks over a card, which he do not need from the original dealing. Changing of cards from the kitty finishes after the pushing of a Start button.

- Drawing of cards from the opponents: In case if any of the players have more hands from his obligation from the previous dealing, he has a right to withdraw the relevant number of cards from the other players, depends on how many hands minus they have from the previous dealing:

As the picture say’s the player choose from which player and which color of cards to withdraw. The withdrawing is in the following order: The player, who can withdraw cards, gives to the player from who he wants some definite color his lower card from this color and respectively he gets his highest card from this color. In case if the player announce No trumps, the cards withdrawing become invalid.

- Playing: The player, who is playing for eight hands, gives a card first, in the reverse clock order. The responding is compulsory, but the trumping not. The power of the cards is as follow:2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,D,K,A. The trick could be won by the player, who has the most powerful card, if they are from one color, or those one who play trump (the more powerful trump, if they are more than one).
- Result: After finishing of all the cards you can count the result with the difference between the hands, that the player have made and the hands that he should made at the beginning of the game, for example - if he have to make 8 hands and he have made 6 hands, his result is -2, and if he have to make 3 hands and he have made 7, his results is + 4.
- End: The end of the game is then, when every single player announce all the possible playing options (15 games total), and the winner is the one with the biggest result.