Licence agreement for use Favorite Games

Each user, using the games independent of the way, we assume he is familiar with present condisions and accept them.
All copyrights of the programme and the gamess belong to Favorite Games Ltd..
Everyone can download the programme of official site ( or acquires it by another way and has a right to use the programme and including games for private entertanment. It is possible to play offline games (against PC) unlimited and online (against real opponents by internet) according the time have in his (her) account (initially Free). After its expire, everyone can and has right to continue the time for online playing. Information about the ways of that, can be found Here: .

Each player must:
1. At the registration the username should not contradicts of the general norms of community. To behave in well-mannered way, to observe the etiquette during games using common chat to other players on the same table and to all other users. That means doesn't use offences, uncensorship phases and so on what of any kind. This rule is valid for using the forum, too.
2. Doesn't simulate "fake games" with goal to win and increase the own rating and points what of any kind (using messenger programs, phones and/or others.)

For violation of above mentioned rules it applies the next sanctions:
1. For break registration's rule, the same account removes from system of no account how much time there is.
2. For break chat's rule, the same user penalize with till 30 days stopping of chat for first offence. For repetition for unlimited time, as the account can be removed of no account how much time there is. It is valid at creating of another else accounts from the same user.
And user can not clame for anything to Favorite Games Ltd.
3. For simulating of "fake games" and wins, the games will not count for the guilty person if they have been counted, the result will be corrected and the the player will be warned.
4. Every player can use up to 5 login names, as in case if they are exceeded will be saved the last 5 which he used recently.
5. Every registration is available up to 6 months after the last using of the account, in case if the time for online games of the player is over.

If anyone has a claim or a complaint against someone or something connecting with the games, it can be made this via email:, and on Online help by Skype (favorite-games) or ICQ (422280679).

Each user has rights at any time to remove the programme form his(her) PC, as well as to download newer version of the programme from the site absolutely free as this keeps his(her) time into existing account.