If you cannot access the game because you have forgotten your password!

1.Game on the Internet

To begin playing online after the initial start of the game push the button “Online Game”.

2. Window "Connect to server"

If you have already registered with us for a particular internet game, enter your username and password in the fields provided and press “Connect”.
- If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by pushing the “Registration” button. The initial registration is free of charge.

3. Registration for the game on the internet

Please write the following details in the window below: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, username and password. In the server’s field should stand the following: Server 1. After entering the above stated details, push the “Registration” button. Remember usernames and passwords must be written in latin characters and may consist of a - z, 0 - 9 as well as the symbols “-“ and “_” Registration is completed only after receiving a system message “'Successful registration!'

4. Connecting to Server

Once you have registered successfully an automatic window will pop up. Write your username and password then push the button “Connect” and you will immediately be connected to our dedicated Server, which is constantly available after pushing it. If you choose the option “Save” after entering your login details you will make the program automatically display your username and password every time you open this window.

5. Lobby-room with games and players

After you’ve been successfully connected with the Server, a new window will appear in which you can see in the upper window all the rooms and the players and after you select a room in the lower window is loading the whole list with all the games created by other users, and you may see their rating as well. From the upper field “Game” you may change the game, which you want to play via Internet. In the “User” field is standing the name of the player, who created the game. The field” Players” shows the number of the players that have joined the game. The field “Status” indicates whether the game has already begun (Play) or the user who’s created the game is still waiting for more players to join. (CreateGame). From this screen you have three options: to push the button Create and to wait joining of other players or to start game, as other player may join while you are playing; to select a game with available places from the list and to push the button “Join” /Double click over the game/; to select game and to push the button “Watch” in case, if this option is available for your selected table. This screen will allow you to keep track of your time left to play as well as the number of users connected to the Server and the number of the playing users for every game and room separately and you also have the opportunity to change your password when you push the button “Password change”. When you select a game from the lower window, you may see all the players and the current result as well. You may see the profile of every player in this game, by this hands "<<" and ">>";

6. Create new game

In case if you want to create a game, you can create a password in the field, next to the padlock. If someone wants to join your game, he has to type the password in the same field and then to push “Join” button. If the password is incorrect, the player wouldn’t be allowed to play or watch this table. >From the options below /Closed and open eye/ you can allow or forbid to other player to watch your table, but only in case if you are the one, who created the game.

7. Keys to the game

After the beginning of the game with “padlock” option you can lock or unlock the table with one click over the picture. From the next picture /”eye”/ you can allow or forbid watching your table from other players./Those options are available only for the user, who created the game/

8. Starting a game

After you select the “Create Game” option a new screen /as the one below/ will open in front of you. If you want, you can wait for another player/s/ to join with changing the “Computer” with the player name, or to start the game alone. To start the game, you have to push the “Start” button. Do not forget that you are the one to choose before the game starts how to set up the other players /for the games with more players, for example - Belote 4 players and Bridge/ and / or to remove any unwanted player and to replace him with the computer. On this screen from the “Ignored players” button you can forbid the access for some players to your game.

9. Ignored players list

From this window you may add and delete users you don't like to play with. In order the changes to take effect you need to click the button "SAVE" before closing the window. If a user from your list makes an attempt to join a game he/she will get a message that he/she is on your "Ignore List" and will not be able to join the game.

10. Your photo

On this window you can preview where you photo will be seen, when the rest of the players mouse-over your name. After the opening of the picture, you may see the profile of the player with one click over it. You can change or add a picture from you profile from this link: , but you have to enter with your login name and password, then you can choose from the menu “Profile” and then “Choose picture”.

11. Menu "Game over the internet". Photos. Rating

From the menu "game over internet" you have an option to select, if you'd like to see the photos of the other players. You have the option to see the rating of the players as well. You have access to the list with players, who you don’t want to play with via Internet.

12. Observers

While you play online in this window you may see the players, who are watching the game at the moment.
- From the first button you may chase out the observer
- From the second button you may invite him join your game /if there is unoccupied place on the table of course/
- From the third button you may forbid or allow some definite observer to write into the table chat.
- From the forth button you may see the profile of a chosen player from the list, who is watching your table.

13. Chat. Emoticons. Keys

Already you can include emotions at the Chat, using emoticons (used via license Skype Limited), choosing of given like picture above, or write the code for each icon at the chat window.
All Emoticons and the Code of each you can see like Click Here!

14. Profile at Favorite-Games.com

Here you will find explanation of the menu options. For that purpose you have to log into your PROFILE.

14.1. Scores

Clicking on Scores will open a page with Belote-4 game scores. You will get information about whom you played with at the table, the score, points won and game duration.
Choosing the name of another game from the dropdown menu will show you the scores from other games played.

14.2. Payments

From the Payments menu you can see your payment history, whereas the table shows the type of payment (SMS, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.), description (days, period, virtual money) and date of charging.

14.3. Time report

From the Time report you can see your participation activity. It shows the type of game you played, deal duration and the date when you played.

14.4. Profile

In Profile there is information about your username. From here you can add and edit your name and surname, country, place of residence, as well as extra information. You can add, delete and change your picture by clicking on the ‘Choose picture’ link and browse your computer for it in the page that opens.
You can also choose if you want to receive e-mails from our team. Here you can also see the registration date, registration validity (when your registration expires), time left (if you have charged for hours and not days), last time you were seen online, your language, as well as your birth date. When you are done editing the information, click on the ‘Save changes’ button in order to save the changes.

14.4.1 Time transfer

Using the Transfer links on the Profile page, located next to Online Game Time Left, Hours and Virtual Money, you can transfer days, hours, or virtual money to another user of the Game.
When you click on the Transfer link, the window that opens shows the time you have for the game (as a date and in days), hours and virtual money. In order to transfer them, enter the value desired (a positive integer) in the field. From the dropdown menu choose Time in days, hours, or virtual money. In the next field enter the name of the user to whom you wish to transfer and press the Transfer button.

14.5. Invite a friend

From here you can invite friends of yours who do not have registration in the Game and thus play together. Upon successful registration you and your friend will receive free time for an Online game. In order to invite a friend of yours, you just have to enter their e-mail address in the appropriate field, choose a language for the letter to be sent to them, and press the Send button. Invitations should be made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out Here, as well as in the e-mail message sent. The Invite a Friend request processing is automatic and the adding or failure to add time takes place automatically in accordance with the aforementioned rules. In the table below you can the status of invitations sent by you.

14.6. Find a user

Find a user opens a page where you can search for a given user by their username. Just enter the Username press the Find button. If the user exists, the information related thereto will show up (with Profile Overview), and at the bottom you will see the Report button through which you can report an inconsistency in someone’s profile. If the user searched for does not exist, you will see a message saying Username Not Found.

14.7. Forgotten password

If you forget your password for the Game and/or you cannot log into Game from Here, you can generate a new password. To do that, on the respective page enter your username for the Game and the e-mail you used for registration (the e-mail should be valid and accessible) and press the Generate New Password button. You will receive a new password and activation instructions in your e-mail. You have to click on the link in the beginning of the e-mail to activate the password and use it (it is done in order to protect your password from being changed by someone else). Of course, once you log into Game, you can always change your password from the Lobby in the Game, using the field at the bottom right – Change password (enter your current password once and the new password twice, and click OK).

14.8. Tournament

From Here you can the scores from the current tournaments organized in the Game. The Belote-4 game rankings shows up first. If you wish to see other game rankings, just choose the name of the respective game from the dropdown menu.

15. Using the Games with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android)

In order to play the Flash version of the Games using mobile devices, you have to download the Puffin Web Browser and use it to open our website (www.favorite-games.com). Then you just have to choose Play from the menu, which loads the Flash version of the Game. You can find more information HERE.

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